Email: Is Mine Working?

I wrote this one night in frustration. Being unemployed is the most discouraging and frustrating thing ever when you’re actively seeking a job or trying to make it as a writer. Depression and anxiety issues don’t help matters.

I should enjoy this time, but most days I just feel like a failure. I try not to let it bother me. I try to be positive and hope that things will work out for me. But it’s tough. All I can do it keep trying, grinding, and hoping. Maybe one day I’ll be #Blessed.

My mom and Jess are going to read this and ask me if I’m ok. Then they’ll ask “what’s wrong?” I’m fine. Nothing is wrong. At least nothing that you don’t already know about. Please stop asking those things. I know you’re just trying to help and I’m happy to have two caring individuals in my life. I hope you know that I love you both enough to tell you if something is truly wrong. Sometimes, I just need time to process and think for myself. And sometimes, I just don’t want to talk about things because I’m tired of thinking about it.

Is My Email Working?


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