Southern Durham vs. Northern Vance Recap

If you’re not from Durham, you won’t care about this story, but click it anyway.

Thanks to Laura, I reached out to the Durham Herald Sun to see if they needed any help covering sports. They told me that if I wanted to do some high school games, I was more than welcome to. So this past Friday, I went to the Southern Durham vs. Northern Vance game and did a story on it.

It was fun, but a lot tougher than I thought. I had to track every play and then tabulate the stats before writing my story. That’s a little easier in college and pro football games where the announcer tells you every play and player, but it’s not like that in high school, where the announcer just says, “Decent run by the halfback.” I was in a little bit over my head for the first time, but my editor gave me some pointers and I learned a few things myself by just being there. It’s all a process, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Again, shouts to Laura for the lead. You may have to sign up for the site to read it. But it’s free, so do it.

Southern routs Northern Vance


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