Links on a Pole (1/2/17)

I’m going to try and do this every weekday. Maybe I miss a day or two every now and again, but I’m really going to make the effort to share the works of writers that I enjoy reading. And hopefully you enjoy reading them as well.

Tony Heim: Best/Worst case scenarios for the Thunder in 2017

Tony is my editor at ThunderousIntentions and one of the coolest and nicest guys I’ve never met. Here he looks at some scenarios that would be bad/good for OKC this year. Definitely, agree with him on the Rudy Gay trade. I was all for it to start the year, but the team has really come together and Gay isn’t the type of player that puts them over the top. Unless OKC can add a star, they need to let the team continue to grow together.

Nadia Archuleta: Colorado Avalanche – How the Team Can Put 2016 Behind It

Nadia is my editor at MileHighSticking and one of the coolest and nicest girls I’ve never met. Sensing a theme already? I’m not surprised that Nadia is already willing to kick Jared Bednar to the curb after less than a half season. Bring up Patrick Roy negatively around her, and you’ll probably end up in a body bag. I do agree with her “confidence” part.

Larry Csonka: Top 17 Matches of 2016

I have met Larry Csonka. Even stayed at his house. He’s a hell of a cook and his wife makes some fantastic sweet tea. Larry watches more wrestling than anyone I know, so he’s the perfect guy to put together the best matches of 2016. He’s my go-to guy when it comes to wrestling reviews because he’s seen so much, and we generally agree.

James Holas: The Evolution of Russell Westbrook

James takes a really good look at Russell Westbrook and how he’s become an offensive juggernaut this year. I still don’t trust Russ in the clutch (I don’t care what the numbers say, it’s a gut feeling thing), but the man has been so much fun to watch this year. And James is a super smart writer who properly utilizes numbers with visual evidence.

JR Goldberg: 2017 New Year’s Wreslution List

JR is one of my favorite wrestling writers. He writes about a lot of stuff that I don’t know about, but he’s great at educating me and turning his words into stories. Like I did yesterday with my writing, he set some goals for himself and wrestling. Hopefully we can work on a future article together, although I’m scared that it’ll expose how bad I am.


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