Links on a Pole (1/3/17)

Dan Plunkett: Ronda Rousey’s Great Fall

Dan is one of my favorite MMA writers who doesn’t get nearly enough attention. I don’t think this is necessarily his best work, but it’s another perspective on Rousey. I guess she provides a lot of traffic, or something.

Dustin James: WWE Royal Rumble Review – 1990

Dustin is reviewing all of the Royal Rumble matches leading up to this year’s event. Dustin is at his best when he’s off the cuff and less serious, which this format allows him to do. I really hope he makes it through all of them.

Duncan Smith: James Harden Has A Night For The Ages

As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Russell Westbrook every game this season, I can’t deny that James Harden is the MVP right now. Duncan takes a great look at Harden’s 50/15/15 complete with video breakdowns. You’ll be seeing a lot of links for 16 Wins A Ring because they’ve assembled a strong basketball writing team.

Roje Smith: 5 crazy NBA trades that need to happen

I’m all for absurd ideas. And some of these trades are pretty absurd. I give Roje credit for thinking wayyyyy outside the box with these.

Tony Heim: Tuesday’s Trade of the Day

I really don’t want to make it a habit of linking to one of Tony’s articles every day because he writes like five Thunder posts a day, and I want to spread love to other writers. Plus, you should be checking ThunderousIntentions every day. But this one is relevant for one reason: he’s right. A few weeks ago, I had a debate with Samer over Anthony Morrow and Kyle Korver. I told him Korver would be a much better player for OKC, but he has some sort of crush on Morrow and thought Morrow was more valuable. Samer was wrong. I was right.


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