Links on a Pole (1/9/17)

Jack Slack – MMA as an Art: A Polite Response to Meryl Streep

Jack is one of the best at breaking down the little details of MMA. In this post, he calmly explains how MMA is art instead of overreacting with hot takes like the majority of MMA fans. It’s a long read, but Jack is a brilliant mind and this is worth it.

Adam Joseph – Sixteen’s Twitter Mailbag: Saddle Up NBA Fans, It’s Officially Woj Season

Adam started Sixteen Wins A Ring and I’m only plugging this because I really want to write about LeBron James, where I assemble the worst possible team around him and speculate on whether they’d come out of the East.

Janik Beichler – Vancouver Canucks LW Daniel Sedin Struggling to Score

Janik is my guy from our days at MHS. But then he moved on to cover the Canucks. The Canucks are bad, but covering an AHL team would be an upgrade over covering the Avs.

Alex Zietlow – UNC women’s basketball excels in unexpected ways in 67-58 win against Virginia

Alex and I have sat together at the past three UNC games and struck up a friendship. This is his story from yesterday’s game. He’s a talented writer and is much better at covering games than me.

Erik Sommers – Panthers Fans Help #OlsenWPMOYchallenge to Incredible Heights and Decisive Victory

Erik is one of my favorite Panthers follows on twitter. Here, he recaps Greg Olsen’s big victory in the Walter Payton Man of the Year challenge that has been filling up my timeline for weeks now. THE FUCKING ROCK SUPPORTED GREG OLSEN!

If you’re a writer or know a writer, and want me to include a story in the daily links, just link me to the article on Twitter. You won’t become famous, but at least one new set of eyes will read your work. And you should always be proud to share your work with others. As always, make sure to check out the links on the side of the page for some great writers that I’m proud to write alongside. 


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