Links on a Pole (1/10/17)

Gideon Lim – Thunder Player Development

Good stuff from Gideon on three players of OKC who need to continue to develop if the team is going to get better around Russell Westbrook. It’s easy to forget that OKC is still one of the youngest teams in the league and a lot of their guys, who are already playing well, should get better.

James Holas & Jesse Blanchard – The Pick and Roll: Kawhi Leonard vs. Giannis Antetokounmpo

I really like duo articles so this is right up my alley. James and Jesse have a civil, but still informative, discussion about two of the best small forwards in the league. Prior to the season, I would have easily said Kawhi, but Giannis has been so good this year that it’s become a very debatable topic.

J.R. Goldberg – Martinete: Canis Lupus, Traune I, and the Match of the Year

Once again, J.R. writes about a topic that I know nothing about. But he clues me in with the backstory and then writes about the match in a poetic and just way. J.R. is smart and eloquent. He writes beautifully. And I want to take his words and add Mauro Ranallo commentary to them, making pop culture references after every other line and ruining the beauty of what he’s written. Much like Mauro ruins the beauty of wrestling.

Chris Alarie – Autopsy Shows that Deceased Fox NFL Robot Had Concussion Disease

This is brilliant. I always hated that damn robot (RIP) and I’m glad that we’ve finally laid him to rest. And I’m glad that Chris got to the bottom of the story.

If you’re a writer or know a writer, and want me to include a story in the daily links, just link me to the article on Twitter. You won’t become famous, but at least one new set of eyes will read your work. And you should always be proud to share your work with others. As always, make sure to check out the links on the side of the page for some great writers that I’m proud to write alongside. 


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