Links on a Pole (1/12/17)

David Ramil – Paul Millsap labors on

I feel like David has been writing more lately, and that makes me really happy because I’d give my life for David. David immediately hooked me with the taco talk, but then disappointed me by not revealing what Millsap likes on his tacos. Is he a plain guy? Does he load up? INVESTIGATE THIS DAVID!

Ross Sellers – Colorado Avalanche Forward Gabe Landeskog is Not Worth Stud D-Man

Good stuff by Ross on the value of Gabriel Landeskog. Sadly, it’s not much. But something needs to be done with this team.

Steve Cook – Okada vs. Omega

Cook breaks down the Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada match that is the talk of the wrestling world. I watched it recently as well and enjoyed it. I don’t do star ratings. I just thought it was a great match that went by in a flash.

If you’re a writer or know a writer, and want me to include a story in the daily links, just link me to the article on Twitter. You won’t become famous, but at least one new set of eyes will read your work. And you should always be proud to share your work with others. As always, make sure to check out the links on the side of the page for some great writers that I’m proud to write alongside. 


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