Pop Culture Cornucopia

If I have two specialties when it comes to writing, it’s sports and pop culture. I love writing about music, movies, gossip, and more. This folder of my portfolio includes my favorite pop culture pieces. Some are creative features, others are news pieces where I can be sarcastic and off the cuff. Plus, other fun stuff mixed in.


An Open Letter To Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – 1989 Track-By-Track Review

Big Sean “I Decided” Review

Katy Perry Finally Realized There’s No Beating Taylor Swift


Kendall Jenner Ruins Everything She Comes Across

Breaking Down Vin Diesel vs. The Rock

Are Chandra and Kelly Kapoor Related?

A Look At The Rock Battling ‘Fast & Furious’ Co-Stars On Instagram


My Night With Chris Rock

Dear Bella Thorne, Don’t Turn Out Like Lindsay Lohan — An Open Letter

The R. Kelly Saga

R. Kelly Running a Sex Cult

R. Kelly Slave Just Wants to Get Away From Her Nagging Parents

R. Kelly Sex Slave Exposes Attention Hungry Father

Former R. Kelly Sex Slave Wasn’t A Slave At All

R. Kelly Calls Sex House Allegations ‘Crap’ in Video Shot in 1980

Another R. Kelly Sex Slave House Guest Tells Her Story

R. Kelly’s Sex House Sounds Pretty Easy to Get Out Of




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