Stranger Than Sports Fiction

One of my strong suits is turning real sports storylines into fictional stories. As awesome as sports are and as real as everything is, adding fictional elements to explain events is too much fun.


Auston Matthews: The Untold Story

Colorado Avalanche: Patrick Roy Reacts To Montreal Loss

Colorado Avalanche: The Shots on Goal Mystery

Colorado Avalanche: Patrick Roy Exit Interview

Game of RINGZ Trilogy

Oklahoma City Thunder: Game of RINGZ Part 1

Game of RINGZ: The tale of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Part 2

Game of RINGZ Part Three: The Final Chapter

Oklahoma City Thunder

The day Russell Westbrook finally beat Taylor Swift

Thunderous Thoughts: The Sam Presti Magic Show

The Origin Story of Alex Abrines


Jimmy Butler in The Red Room

What if LeBron James and Draymond Green matched up at WrestleMania?


The Day CM Punk Actually Fought


Week By Week Transcript of Chip Kelly and Jeffrey Lurie Meetings

Spencer Strasmore Would’ve Saved Joey Bosa


Alex Rodriguez: The Man In The Mirror


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