The Step Back

The Step Back pieces aren’t necessarily things I wrote for Fansided’s NBA site. While this project does include a lot of those pieces, these are NBA words that I’m most proud of throughout my writing career. Whether it was a fictional story, a look at a certain player, or interviews with fans; these are my favorite words about basketball.

Game of RINGZ Trilogy

Oklahoma City Thunder: Game of RINGZ Part 1

Game of RINGZ: The tale of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Part 2

Game of RINGZ Part Three: The Final Chapter

General NBA

Kevin Durant: His Next Tattoo

An open letter to Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker

Hey Rondo, my vets didn’t act like this either

15 athletes who are grandparents at heart

What is the BIG3 offering their thousands of new fans?

Recasting the original Star Wars with NBA players

10 NBA personalities suffering from Middle Child Syndrome

The Definitive Changing Of Every NBA Logo

Blake Griffin is not broken, but maybe he should be

MISSING: Please return the following items to the NBA Playoff House

Jimmy Butler in The Red Room

Coping with your NBA team not making a trade deadline deal

What if LeBron James and Draymond Green matched up at WrestleMania?

NBA Valentine’s Day gifts

The official Step Back NBA Awards Show drinking game

Three criteria to remember when voting for NBA MVP

Dion Waiters: Can’t Stop, The Mixtape

Chris Paul is a burner phone

10 NBA players who would crush the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

5 more songs Kyrie Irving can troll LeBron James with

Top 5 drug testing performances of the NBA season

Tearaway technology apparently a hidden feature in new Nike NBA jerseys

30 biggest questions for the 2017-18 NBA season

Oklahoma City Thunder

OGTW: The Ultimate Russ Mode Game vs. Washington

I Feel So Bad For Clint Capela, But Russell Westbrook Doesn’t

Thunderous Thoughts: Look What You Made Me Do

Thunderous Thoughts: Putting Russell Westbrook on a shot count limit from three

Russell Westbrook leads the league in every category

Russell Westbrook is always in Russ Mode

The true story behind Russell Westbrook’s historic triple-double

Oklahoma City Thunder Valentine’s Day Poetry

The day Russell Westbrook finally beat Taylor Swift

Thunderous Thoughts: Steven Adams is Bad and Boujee

Broken Russell Westbrook must delete Brother Durant

Thunderous Thoughts – Russell Westbrook style tips

Thunderous Thoughts: Chief Petty Officer reporting for duty

Scott Brooks still haunts Oklahoma City Thunder

OKC Thunder Thoughts: A Trade is Coming

Thunderous Thoughts: All World Huggers Team

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Manly Stache Brothers

Oklahoma City Thunder Players as Taylor Swift Lyrics

Rebuilding the Oklahoma City Thunder with one NBA2k17 offseason

Thunderous Thoughts: The Sam Presti Magic Show

Oklahoma City Thunder: What’s In A Dance?

The Oklahoma City Thunder Need You!

Kendrick Lamar Issues Challenge for Thunder Fans

The Origin Story of Alex Abrines

Second annual OKC Thunder Valentine’s Day poetry slam

Thunderous Thoughts: Billy Donovan and the Upside Down

New Ideas of Questions For Russell Westbrook

My Sophomore Crush: Alex Abrines is so dreamy

Oklahoma City Thunder: Wrestlemania Season



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