R. Kelly and Kevin Hart Update, Ryan Phillippe Abuse, ‘Stanger Things’ Bar

Four posts yesterday.

R. Kelly’s Sex House Sounds Pretty Easy to Get Out Of

Kevin Hart Possibly Being Extorted by Traveling Stripper

Ryan Phillippe’s Ex Claims He Abuses Everything, Including Her

Netflix Kills ‘Stranger Things’ Bar With Kindness


Nic Cage Meme, Crazy Conor McGregor Fans, ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer

Very excited for ‘Stranger Things’

Nicolas Cage Looks Dead Inside. Internet Keeps Him Alive

Conor McGregor Fans Threaten Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend, Abigail Clarke

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Shows That Will Has Terrible Friends

The Blemish Daily Recap (11/2/16)

Energy drinks are bad, Stanger Things, and Game of Thrones boobs.

Energy Drink Gives Man Hepatitis, Not Wings

Grab Your Eggos, Eleven Will Be Back For ‘Stranger Things’

Sophie Turner Gets To Know Maisie Williams’ Boob